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Covid 19 Booking Info Update / Surf is BACK

Sunday, May 10, 2020 - 23:46

Beautifull People!

Unfortunately, we are all living a strange and difficult time in our life. Covid 19 came too fast and we had no time to think what was just arriving to us.

It has been a very immersive time to our team, where we had time to focus in another side projects and finish some check "must to do" list. This time also included a lot of relax, study, gardening, renovations and family time. Now we are missing you all a lot, and we want to recreate the vibe and provide you an amazing experience that will also help you to reintegrate what is happening around us.

We believe that the worst is gone and slowly everything in Portugal is getting back to normal. Of course, we are all conscious about the safety etiquette, and in general in Ericeira all the businesses are having all the precautions about the spreading of the virus.

Its already possible to surf in a group of 10 people, with 5 students per teacher, and in our facilities we provide all the necessary hygiene equipments. At the Yoga studio, kitchen, rooms and common areas are all clean and safe areas.

For those who had to cancel your trips during the last months, we hope to see you soon, when its possible for you to come just let us know and we will confirm the spots for you.

For those with upcoming bookings, we also hope to see you soon and keep us updated about your travel and holiday situation please.

Here you have a link with a plan for lifting the lockdown measures released by the Portuguese Government, scroll it down and you have it in english :)

Love to you all!

Bookings for 2020 are open!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - 10:39

Bookings for 2020 are open for the period 23th March 2020 to 5th January 2021!

We have 3 different seasons:

Low Season - 23rd to 31st March / 1st November to 19th December

Medium Season - 1st April to 15th June / 30th September to 31st October / 20th December to 5th January

High Season - 15th June to 30th September

The prices shown below are Medium Season prices!

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