The Seeds of Change Kitchen and Take-Away in Ericeira

The Surf Yoga Kitchen aims to increase your health through the use of good quality products, healthy cooking methods and nutritionally balanced recipes!!

Everything is homemade, fresh from the kitchen and carefully measured out to provide maximum nutrition and taste!

Macrobiotic and Organic Kitchen

In our Kitchen we follow a Macrobiotic Diet, vegan and vegetarian, enriched with local and organic food. Macro means "Big" and Biotic means "Life". For us a Big Life is a full range of experiences that make us grow in harmony with us, the others, the planet Earth and the Universe.

We are aware of the impact that growing food has in our different ecosystems around the world, so as much as we can, we grow our food or buy locally, following the Seasons in order to give our bodies what they need all year around.

At Surf Yoga Portugal we want to share our love for the good homemade healthy food, with balanced menus and providing non animal products, refined sugars or dairy based products. Its guaranteed that cereals, beans, proteins, carbs and much more are not gonna be missed in your daily routine.

If you have any food intolerances or special diet requests just let us know.

Its forbidden to ban, and we respect the options of everyone.

Delicious Healthy Breakfast

The moment of the day!

After every morning Yoga class, all together we share a complete buffet style breakfast full of great yummy food, varying every day.

Our breakfast is designed to give you a powerful and long energy for your day, giving you the stamina for the daily surf or any other of our activities.

At our table you can find different porridges (oat, rice, millet, quinoa), seeds, smoothies, veggie butter and milk, local bread, fruit jams, seasonal fruits, coffee and tea. And there are also daily surprises.

You can't miss it. Get ready for the day!

Macrobiotic Vegan Dinners

Nothing better to finish the day, and after an evening Yoga class, than a buffet style dinner that makes us travel around the Nature 5 elements. Most of our food comes from bio organic farms to the table.

Daily we have different themes, as Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space that provide you a big range of flavours and tastes, in an healthy, fresh and local way. Our Kitchen becomes a Fusion temple.

Dinner is a very relaxed and pleasant moment, where happens a lot of experience and thoughts sharing, that can be accompanied by music or a movie. In every meal you can count with Soup, Main Course, Salad, Desert, Tea and Water.

Nurture your belly and your soul :)

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We breathe Surf and Yoga, love to get in touch with people from all over the world, share great experiences and our local knowledge.

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